1 February 2015

Winter Sundays

Me and my boyfriend went for a lovely winter walk at Anglesey Abbey near Cambridge today. It was really cold out so my lovely Wool Coat from Gap and my F&F at Tesco Bobble Hat were essential. 

Jess x

6 January 2015

Christmas Decorations 2014

 We took our christmas decorations down yesterday and I remembered that I never shared any photos of them. I am going to miss them, I love christmas. See you next year Sven and Bambi!

Jess x

5 January 2015

Best Vlogmas' To Catch Up On

Missing the christmas spirit, here are my top five Youtubers Vlogmasses to catch up on..

Fleur De Force- her pets are the cutest and she gets up to all sorts of fun things from shopping in london to putting up the biggest christmas tree ever!
Meghan Rienks - she has just had a nosejob and is basically sitting watch tv all day everyday so you get plenty of recommendations.
Tom and Gi - they arent doing the usual follow me around vlogs some days they do a sit down video. Lots of singing, lots of cute coupleyness and an adorable baby buzz
Zalfie (Zoella and PointlessBlog) - from one adorable baby buzz to another. These two have just got a pug puppy called Nala and alfies mum got her brother Buzz (hence the tenuous link) they have been in the media alot lately and had a few days off of vlogmas but theyre back and better than ever
Jim and Tan - these two are a super cute couple who live a realistically healthy lifestyle, Tan does yoga and Jim goes to the gym and they cook some really nice meals. They've got up to some fun stuff in London at the beginning of the month and in Norwich towards the end of the month.

Jess x

What I got for christmas..

As you might be able to tell there were a few themes with my christmas presents this year these were ballet for the ballet shoe photo frame with the photo of me and my bestfriend from dancing in it. The Penhaligons Iris Prima Perfume inspired by the English National Ballet and the Yoga mat. Dogs was abit of a theme too. my parents know I want a pug but apparently pug socks and a scarf was the best they could do given that we have two cats. Tea is always a welcome gift for me, I got a caddy of different twinings tea from my friend and santa got me the Teapigs Everyday brew, santa also got me hot chocolate and a Tiny bottle of Presecco, apperantly he's realised I'm an adult and these things are what christmas is really about! My brother got me some delicious drinking fudge from the The Fudge Kitchen in Cambridge. I got some gorgeous candles and shower gels from a friend and a cute little make up bag of goodies. I lovely mug and coaster from my mums friend and another friend of hers got me an amazon voucher which straight away got spent on the Taylor Swift Album, I love singing to that while I drive. Lots of great books to read including Zoella's Girl Online, The Rosie Project and The Maze Runner series from my sister which I can't wait to read once I finish the last book in The Divergent Series. Things that didn't make it as far as this photo were a Giant Ferrero rocher and some lindt chocolates which all got eaten! I also forgot to include the Harry Potter Kinect Game that my brother got me which he knew I wanted because I was looking at it in the gift shop when we visited the Harry Potter Tour last january and a crazy kitchen gadget from my dad which might need a whole post to itself.

For me christmas is all about eating yummy food and spending time with my family playing games and watching tv and that is exactly what this year has been and it's been perfect!

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year and that getting back to reality hasn't been too hard.

Jess x

20 December 2014

Cosy Evening Treat

After a long week of late nights at work and knowing I have lots of festive plans ahead I decided that last night I needed a cosy night in. I wrapped up warm in bed with a cup of hot chocolate (chococino from my Dolce Gusto Coffee machine) in my favourite pug mug and a cheeky Mr Kipling Frosty Fancy. These little cakes are my favourite, I was sad to see the Halloween themed french fancies were out of shops but these white chocolate Christmas editions are a welcome alternative. They are incredibly sweet and sickly but they're only tiny and they're my Christmas treat to myself. I was too lazy and warm in bed to get up and do my full evening routine and wash my face so I used a makeup wipe. I don't often use makeup wipes but sometimes at the end of a hard day on my feet the last thing I want to do is stand at the sink and spend ages washing my face. I caught up on any YouTube videos I had missed while I applied my night cream which at the moment is the Olay Double Action, my No7 Youthful Eye Serum and a little of the Freederm Fast Track Spot Gel on any breakouts. I moisturized a little with the Ted Baker Body Souffle, I love the scent of this its so wintery. I tried to read a few pages of Across the Universe by Beth Revis which is such a good book but I was already dozing it off and not doing the book justice. Just before falling asleep I used The Body shop Shea Lip Butter and Vanilla Hand Cream (one of last years christmas scents) and rubbed a little of the Badger sleep Balm on my wrists to calm me and help me sleep.
Jess x

16 December 2014

Christmas shopping

I am the type of rare person who looks up what Christmas presents she is buying online and then goes into the shop to buy them.

I know that is backwards to most "showrooming" that happens these days when you go and compare things in a store then order them online when you get home because its cheaper. For me, I like to go and see the physical item before i spend money on it and not have to wait in for a parcel. I also like to see its neatly packaged especially if its a present, i worry that things will get thrown into the back of a van and battered before they get to me. When the difference in price is a few pounds and it can mean saving your local shops it is so worth it.

Jess x

20 November 2014

20 Facts About Me

  • I am a ballet dancer
  • I love singing
  • My favourite singer is Frank Turner
  • One day I want to work in musical theatre
  • My favourite book is Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfield
  • I love sci-fi tv, films and books
  • My favourite film is any of the Harry Potter series
  • I wear glasses
  • My three favourite tv shows are Gilmore Girls, Doctor Who and Being Human
  • I love photography
  • My favourite flavour of ice cream is Mint Chocolate
  • I love cooking
  • My favourite West End musical is Once
  • Winter is my favourite season
  • I have never left Europe
  • I drink lots of tea but never drink coffee
  • My favourite colour is purple
  • I am neither a cat or a dog person I love them both 
  • My favourite food is parma ham
  • I am scared of daddy long legs